Shree-Lipi NXT Devanagari (USB Lock)

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Shree-Lipi NXT USB Lock

India's most popular multilingual software

As Shree-Lipi completes 25 years, it marks another milestone by introducing Shree-Lipi nxt.

Shree-Lipi nxt is the perfect multilingual, feature-packed solution for new age users. It provides enriching experience by enabling easy to use Unicode Composition, Open Source Application Support, Online Spellchecker and Font Family installation.


Font-Families Available In This Package

ScriptLayoutTotal Font-Families

Why Shree-Lipi nxt is better...

Enhanced Unicode keyboard handler

Automatic selection of 32 & 64-bit applications

Conversion utility with RTF, TXT and DOC files conversion

Unicode fonts*

Text Editor with integrated Spell checker*

Composition for open source applications like Open Office, Inkscape, GIMP and Scribus

*As per product specifications

Other Features

  • Shree-Lipi nxt comes with many useful tools and utilities to increase productivity which saves lot of time.
  • Enhanced and user-friendly Conversion utility with RTF, TXT, Doc file conversion option.
  • Spell check for two-byte Font layout support (SLX and Unicode)
  • Font installation available with Family
  • Avishkar Plus for SLX font layout for giving catchy effects to your advertisements, titles
  • Additional Fonts in each available language
  • 9 Pair Unicode fonts for each selected Language
  • Hyphenation support for South Indian languages for SLX and Unicode font layout
  • Sorting for Indian languages for SLX and Unicode font layout
  • Smart matra and validate matra for Indian language
  • Automatic application selection
  • Unicode typing help
  • Improved Symbol font previewer
  • Symbol Font categorization
  • Keyboard short cuts
  • Keyboard Tutor
Support - Warranty / Paid
+ (91) 93701 31508,
+ (91) 91300 77509

Email Address:

Modular Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
26, Electronic Co-Op Estate,
Pune-Satara Raod,
Pune 411 009.

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